today on this election day i find myself needing to stay away from the internet and wanting to put on my alchemist hat again. so in order to facilitate an easy sale i decided some of you might need convincing of the awesomeness of potions and why your should plonk down $45 to get yours. yes it may seem like a lot of monies but read on and discover the awsomeness of why your money is well spent on potions.


1) the potion doesn't care if you voted. (i had to put that in there i am sorry)

1a) they are renewing. meaning that when you run low I have included the secret cheap thing you need to run out and buy to fill up your bottle and PRESTO with a bit of shaking your magic potion is renewed.

2) it makes awesome noises when you shake it. because there is magic stuff in the bottle.

3) some of those magic things are crystals, and stones to help magnify what you need magnified most.

4) the faeries tell me what to put in your potion. isn't that fantastic? (if you don't think it is you should just leave now because you need to be more fun)

5) some of the other magic things are bach flower remedies or rose water or essential oils of yummy smelling deliciousness that also change your mood.

6) you get it mailed to you in the mail! yay! mail that is not a bill or political campaign flier thingy.

7) me and the faeries decorate your box and make it pretty so the mailman can enjoy it too.

8) every time you use your potion you can do a little dance or make a little song to shake it up and activate its magical super powers.

9) it comes in a blue bottle. blue bottles are beautiful and in themselves have magical powers of blueness which is not at all like being blue, in fact it is quiet the opposite. (go blue!)

10) you are helping to employ faeries, because faeries need gold to heal the earth and sprinkle faery dust and grant wishes and gather teeth. i mean where do you think the tooth faery gets her money to stuff under pillows?

10a) you get to have a 15-20 minute phone conversation with me which is full of fun, all about what is needing magnified so i can put it in your potion.

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psst! i only have 8 bottle left

still need more information? hop over here and see a potion being made-it is sparkly awesomeness!

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