weee! cookies! so a year ago i signed up and went to a big! scary! life transforming! very expensive! business retreat.

and the second i signed up my oven died. (because that is how me and the universe have rolled in the past-take big leap something breaks that makes you waver and possibly pull back.)

i went and figured i'd learn how to cook without an oven, i mean i still had a cook top and really the oven is best for making things i probably shouldn't eat so much of (like cookies and fresh bread)

but it has now been a year with out an oven, the kitchen is getting colder and i miss roasted brussel sprouts and beets as much as i miss cookies!

so we were all set to buy an oven this week and my sweetie got laid off. (big scary and yay at the same time.)

anyways i am still choosing to go get an oven, but with the decrease in income i could use a little help from my friends. and in return i will bake you cookies! cookies of the wheat variety, of the gluten free variety, of the ginger molasses with white chocolate, of the chocolate chip, of the thumbprints with strawberry jam from my strawberries grown here- all sorts of varieties.

paypal will take your monies and i will send you thank you i love you email and we will discuss your favorite cookies. They will then be hand delivered or mailed to you depending on where you are in this world, full of love and deliciousness.

nom nom nom cookies!

a taste is a few of one or two kinds, yum is more than a dozen, and all the cookies is a lot of cookies! in many varieties! all orders are charged $5 for shipping/packing/ingredients.

nom nom cookies