so these past few weeks have been a massive whirlwind of crazy. massive stress.

frustrating interactions.

low client count.


but mostly stuff.

moving stuff, sorting stuff, hauling stuff, getting rid of stuff, dusting stuff, carrying stuff, watering stuff, fixing stuff, deciding on stuff, eating stuff, whining about stuff.

enough of the stuff.

stuff has taken over my days (and nights).

today while whinging about it in a private facebook group i decided i was done with the stuff and was going to instead focus on doing 100 tiny things just for me over the course of these next 2 weeks.

i shall document them via twitter (@AmyCreatesStuff) and my barefoot phoenix facebook page and i invite you to play or follow along!

there are no rules just 100 teeny, tiny things that bring a little bit of ahh or space to your life.