you know goal setting? you know how sucky it is when you don't make it?

you know how you think ahead and your supposed to take tiny steps to get there and it's not supposed to feel overwhelming, because you have 1000 tiny step and a while year to do it, but really there is that tiny voice that says 'no way is she gonna make it'

hello monsters and personal head committee of doubters. hello pattern of stuck.

while recently talking with one of my co-creators of awesome i said something brilliant like what if you just improved by 10%? that's not scary.

and it was this HUGE moment of WHOA!


that's one client per month for the first 3 months and then it does this magical exponential growth thing.

in other areas that's also 1 more sit-up per week, 1 more hour of exercise, $50 more to savings, 10 minutes less of sitting staring at the computer, and on and on until everything shifts.

i can do that!

for me, it isn't overwhelming or exhausting like the idea of double/tripling what i am currently doing is.

because it happens so subtly, you barely notice.

it also gives you time and space to implement and adjust systems because as the growth expands slowly, you still have time to fix things.

if you start with 1000, 1100, 1210, 1331, 1464, 1610, 1771, 1948, 2143, 2357, 2593, you get 2852--12 months later!

look at that! in a year almost 3x monthly income by growing 10% per month.

math is cool.

here's to changing things by 10%. i'm going to go do my 11 sit-ups now. and focus on getting 1 more client this week.

tiny changes over time do make big impacts!

what are some 10% changes you can make towards the things you desire?