my dear friend Andrea, who runs the creative magic academy (isn't that the most awesome ever) a few months ago discovered she had an inner compass. and i loved it! go see hers here

and i immediately wanted one! but not hers because hers is made for her, i needed to listen to my own inner self and create the points on my compass so they were unique to me and my processing.

so i meditated on what i have learned tends to work be when i am stuck and down in the dumps. i made a list. and i tucked it away in the book of me so maybe i can find it over and over and never be stuck for long again.

but that's how the compass works. see you can divide up your paper however you desire. and then you put in all the things you listed and when things are sticky you take it out and either squint your eyes and whatever pops out you do or you spin your finger around over the paper and where it land you do. oh! you could also make it on stiff paper and attach a spinny thinger like from an old game!

its so pretty

i need to hang it on my wall so it is easy to access and i don't have to go looking for it when i am stuck.

i love my compass. it really does always stear me back in the right direction.