secret behind tarot

shh! tarot really isn't about tarot cards at all. it's a proxy! and while Havi says it best, a proxy is the thing you tell people but what is actually happening is a secret mission. a proxy helps make movement forward waaaaay less scary.

so when i went to rally! my proxy was to learn to tango dance, but what was really happening was me learning how to follow my business instead of awkwardly stumbling around (the dance floor) not knowing anything, like the next step.

and when someone asks you what you do you tell them your job title, but really you are explorer of your passions (the job just pays the way). <really though lots of people are kinda asking what's under the proxy so someday you might want to tell someone your secret mission.>

proxies help make things... acceptable. or safe. or fit into society. they also give someone something to hang their hat on and give bits of conversation pieces. again mainly they make things fun and less scary.

so when i say tarot is a proxy, what i mean is two things:

a tarot reading can be a proxy for 'i need to hear my soul, i have lost my inner voice, or i can't see the path.'

learning tarot cards can be a proxy for ' i am claiming my voice, i am re-discovering my love of story and symbol, or i am collecting tools for my journey.'

so if you want to dive in and explore, i have tools, and much more to say on all of this in the coming weeks.

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