your soul is trying to communicate with you...all the time. seriously. all the time.

those bits of pieces you overhear in the conversation during you morning commute, that song that seems to be on-every time you turn on or change the radio station, that color that keeps catching your eye.

those are all clues.

problem is we miss 95% of the clues the universe is sending us because

a) we don't recognize they are clues

b) we don't recognize they are clues for us 

c) we've lost our stride, and our hope, and all we see are the yucky clues (next to the real clues) that re-enforce our sadness and lack.

what if there was a way that clues could just show up in your inbox every month?

you wouldn't have to seek them out and they could (hopefully) help you get back on track, living more abundantly and in harmony with the universe so you can start seeing 35% or more of the clues it is throwing at you daily.

tiny tarot readings to your inbox becomes a worthwhile investmet of awesome self care and miracle manifestation.

totally justified, well spent use of $17.

having more miracles show up is easy, receiving and recognizing them is the hard part. tarot can help you be more open, direct your attention towards things to look for and gives you pretty pictures to focus on while you are making tiny changes toward a bigger, better life.

clue recognition and pattern interrupters at $17 a month. YAY!

plus it just shows up in your inbox every month without having to do anything but push a button-once.

you can unsubscribe at anytime, no pressure to keep it going. when you are done you just go into your paypal account and cancel.

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