this is my brain on rally

weeeee! rally! the place where stuff happens that you could never have expected and where everything gets done unexpectedly, even if you slept the whole time. on the very last day, after a crazy filled shiva nata class (there was singing of sea shanties and the sexy robot dance) we skipped some stones-which is Havi speak for asking your very smart brain questions when it is waaaaaay too confused to think, thereby jumping over logical thought and into magical thought. (actually stone skipping is way more complicated and simple than that you should go read more on her site)

the last question asked was-where is the treasure?

and my immediate response was it is locked in a metal box inside my brain. in fact, it is located in the amygdala because my name is amy! g!  so therefore my really smart self would hide treasures in the amygdala.

just so you know everyone who  is human has an amygdala (unless a zombie ate yours). you don't have to be named amy g to have one... it just makes it better if you are.

so the amygdala processes your emotional responses to things. which is cool, and useful and sometimes completely frustrating. because yay! it is useful to know that situations where you this happens=this emotional response-it is also useful to know that the more you do it the less upsetting it becomes as with repetition we learn this event does not = death, so maybe we don't have to freak out as much this time. but it sucks to retrain your amy! g! dala because like me she is stubborn and dead set on keeping you safe from yucky experiences.

but like always i digress into randomness... back to the story!

in my amy! g! dala lives a box. with a treasure in it. i'm not sure what the treasure is yet because i only just drew the map to get to the treasure.

isn't my brain pretty.

and full of tasks and diversions and side trips.

notice how there is a short cut.

but even though i know there is a short cut, do you think my brain is really going to let me skip all those diversions and distractions and reach out and grab it?

let's cross our fingers and maybe it can be so.

because it's be super nice and crazy awesome to arrive at the treasure without having to wander through the maze first, not that i mind the process but...

just this once, pretty please.

i'll keep you informed as to what's in the treasure box when i get to it!