ahhh man!

i hate it when green muppets are right. and they seem to be right an awful lot.

so from this day forward i plan to take the advice of all green muppets seriously. i shall write it down and everything. i think i need a green notebook where i collect profound thoughts of green muppets.

this could lead to some amazing and outrageously comical adventures.

because i'm one of those crazy type people who thinks everything talks to her. that wrapper on the ground says "Power", the books whisper secrets and tell me which one to take home, the flowers direct me to add more compost and please clear around my leaves so i may dance in the wind.

the only thing i don't think that talks to me is my car.

maybe that's why i like driving so much, it is one of the only places that is silent. but it may also be why i am slightly distrustful that it's just going to break down on me. but hey my car is green... maybe it needs a muppet to act as an interpreter. (omg! i can't believe this is happening here.)

anyway this whole post came about because my twitter stream has a whole thing about yoda and his "do or do not, there is no try" quote today. i saw it once and said "yay! yoda-ism!

but when it kept repeating, i softly whisper 'fuck'

all right already! i spent a whole week working with the quality of surrender and this! this is where the mirror gets held up to my life and i see all the places i refuse to follow, let alone surrender.

yep. i do see that really, i'm not trying so hard, and the do part is well just sort of dog doo-ish.

and i see that i am completely whiny like luke skywalker.

and i see that if i just would focus my energy and calm myself down i could lift my sinking ship onto dry land.

fine yoda i'll stop trying (aka whining) and just do it.

and kermit, you can just shut up because i know you are going to say something profound and i just can't hear you today with yoda-ism nattering away in my brain. come back tomorrow.

i would just like to re-enforce that once you make the decision to crack open it all happens extremely slowly and horrendously fast. your brain and your body are completely capable of limiting the amount of information that comes in so you don't have to take action, or see the whole path at once. that could be alarming and overwhelming. so you chip, chip, chip and it seems to take FOREVER and then one day everything shatters and... well you see the messages (from green muppets and tango videos), you feel the same but different, nothing has changed but everything is different.

everything is different and nothing has changed. this is important.

you do not wake up and suddenly have everything you have been working for. you have pieces. from that shell you cracked open, that you can now exchange for things like: safety, compassion, abundance, money, time, energy, trust, love, strength, permission.

trust the green muppets. they know shit.

and use the force. because it is there, so why not use it.