prepare to dive

speaking of amazing women took this picture

speaking of amazing women took this picture

this week i am doing, what feel like it will be, an amazing session called  deep dive with my dear friend and amazing coach Heidi.

one of the pre-dive homework assignments is to take a series of tests to figure out your strengths, your archetypes and something else. that one test just does not make much sense to me.

but the others-holy cows! already i am looking at the results and seeing how obvious it is that that thing or that other thing isn't gonna work if i keep trying to use such foreign skills and instead i must translate them into woo-woo language.

because if you haven't figured it out yet i am 1000% made of woo. with a ton of-lets scientifically look at the reason why this woo could be true.

but i'm all mythical, mystical, magical mayhem. with a whole lot of YAY's.

i can't wait to tell you more about my deep dive into my business because i think its going to be one crazy adventure aboard a yellow submarine. actually you will probably just see the results, i might not need to say another thing, except how amazing Heidi is, because she rocks it.

p.s. i forgot to mention a package arrived in the mail from Heidi yesterday and it was full of treasure to use on my dive this week. what an amazing an unexpected treat. pictures and more to follow. or possibly you might just want to follow me on twitter if you want the whole adventure as i am sure i will be photographing my messes throughout the days.