friday #4 (whoops)

a lesson learned... just because you start the post on thursday and you plan to finish it and post it friday does not mean it will actually happen. the hard

not so much with the hard this week-phew!

more with the uncomfortable.

lots of celebration, validation, and suggestions all coming towards me. all are most appreciated but uncomfortable. especially the celebration.

and the asking... lots of answers needed this week and i had none, so i listened and i hope that was better.

oh! wait! the hard was the symphony. i felt sad by our seats, i felt poor, i just wanted to be back upstairs where i could see the orchestra and not under the balcony in the corner up front. i don't know why i felt poor but for some reason those seats made me feel yucky and hopeless.

the good

the symphony. pictures at and exhibition is an incredible piece of work. i have much love of the various brass parts and the piece as a whole is pure beauty.

the good thing about being in the front by the families feeling poor is that i got to see the mallet they hit the gong with. it's like an upside down fuzzy chair and it's awesome. i need a gong and fuzzy chair mallet.

i adore my clients. i adore seeing them grow and hearing their stories and catching up when they return after months away.

the lessons

i need to do more ask posts so the universe can bring things to me

just because it is sunny outside does not mean that in 3 minutes it won't be hailing or dumping down rain.

i love wind... except when i don't

sometimes everything clears up and you understand it all and 5 minutes late it is all gone and you wonder why you thought you had direction. note to self, when those moments come take notes next time.