friday #6 the port townsend edition

ahh haa ha i remembered to post something before i ran away to teach in port townsend!

The Hard this week

i'm the tax man

whaa-we had to pay.  first year ever and i had a $5,000 business profit and my spouse had a negative profit. so obviously we probably did something wrong as i can't believe any government would take even more money from someone who only cleared 5 grand but i am not going to spend the time, energy or money to have someone else find more deductions for us as it was a small sum.

energy wonkiness

did a goddess class sunday (see good)and the wonk form the event stayed with me all week

snippy, snappy mc cracker pants

ouch! i have been rude and terse and snappy all bloody week. i think it must have something to do with energy wonkyness

my feets and my backs

huuuuurt. must schedule reflexology and possibly some massage or cranial. plus i have to stand all weekend to teach. [here is me whining again]

the Good

goddess class

faye the tattooed psychic came to helle and taught us  a bit about goddesses and goddess energy and altars and then took us on a journey to meet the voodoo queen. who is amazing and likes pretty things. there was deep profound good release in that room.


more seeds got in the ground, more compost got moved. it was a good success. more to do next week but isn't there always more to do...

the blooming

oh my the yard is filled with beauty! and so is the rest of the world!


i think i managed a walk everyday but one for at least 45 minutes. what a joy. but it's partly why the feets hurt.

the lessons

read this. Dave the launch coach wrote another amazing and profound post

If you’re willing to dig deeply, you’ll find a lot of value in failures.  Most people don’t.

Don’t be most people.

and Havi has a monster coloring book. it's brilliant! (well i actually don't own it yet) but the monsters are amazing and her posts and calls that i have done with her on monsters have been profoundly helpful and have made me create a monster retreat center so i can send my grumpy non helpful monsters on vacation and let them unwind and come back refreshed-with insights.