hahahaha i did it! it's friday and i am checking in! the hard

drama-communicating-regressing-monsters screaming in my ear


not so much with the hard... well i did make almost no money this week but i know i shall make up for that next week so i have no worries (which is amazing)

the good

my niece is in town today and we get to go shopping! i never go shopping!

fresh baked things!

meeting new wonderful peoples


my yard is doing the amazing thing where there is so much color! i am in awe! and i got yards and yards of compost to help make it even happier and it sure does look pretty.

planning the vegetables that shall live in the garden

spreading out the strawberries and realizing i am over run with them and it's such an awesome problem to have

the lessons

i can in fact download and entire tiny ebook from my brain to the computer in one day. now it is sitting there looking at me all smug  and mocking me and i am stuck. alas to the kitchen table i go for some ass kicking.

words are hard and can be entirely uncomfortable

i am allowed to be really upset, it's no one problem but i do not have to stuff it i can sit in it and be pissed and let it pass through me

i can establish boundaries, energetic and actual