friday check in #3 (shuddup about it being monday)

yep it is now monday. well i started this on friday so that has to count on some level. right?

the hard

grump-tastic week of grumpiness

hardness at work that does not involve me but energetically affects me

wanting things to be different and staying the same

learning the same lessons over and over like when you put out lots of energy you need time to recover, if you don't take time to recover the universe will clear your schedule for you.

sad food at the delightful sushi place (note to self eat sushi not bento boxes)

the good

sunshine and warm weather on wednesday, basking in the sun while pulling weeds

pulling weeds and seeing the flowers

talks with spouse

making plans for tea and dance of shiva goodness

having my dearest friend from portland stay over and even though she was doing family stuff i still got to have her in the evenings and for tea in the mornings

i bought stuff that was totally not necessary to feeding myself or housing myself. it was frivolous and i have wanted for years and i gave myself permission to spend non-necessary monies. this has not happened in years.

the lessons

energy out need to be filled

you can only work your hands so much before they get pissed at you

when you aren't specific in your manifestation either by stating things in terms of numbers of people or dollars the universe has a hard time having anything show up (i think cuz it doesn't believe you want it or it's afraid to give you too much)

when you spend non-necessary monies and you don't freak out about it sometimes extra income comes in to help that flow along.

on a monday side note: what utterly dismal and horrid weather we are experiencing. the poor flowers are being plummeted with rain and hail and ripped apart by wind.