friday # again, already (what the heck # are we on?)

where did the week go? the hard

self realization. it's always uncomfortable to see your patterns and be stuck in them and not know how to untangle, or if you want to... and then to have them shift...

being really, really open and then screwing it all up with fear and story and projections

being in an authority position and having to say "i don't know". and feeling that brief moment of panic and failure and blahblahblah... and then to see that everyone respects that you can say "i don't know" and mostly doesn't care.

the good

showing up is really all we have to do. if i canbother to just be there... it opens the door for magic and miracles to enter

allowing myself to be confused and vulnerable and totally not know what to do and seek help and freak out and most importantly to then have a real good laugh at myself for all the chaos.

having the magic show up in a totally unexpected form and not know what to do about and be ok.

having people connect and see and grow right in front of my eyes.

more seeds planted, more dirt moved... this years yard has all the makings to be beautiful, magical, and tasty.

and you? how was your week amazing readers?