i am playing with words-againcrystalballgirl the dance of shiva has stirred up the need to shake things up and become bigger by having a cool job title

i live in helle now... keeping my current business model is not going to work. big bold craziness needs to jump in and play.

so i don't want to be a reflexologist or  a tarot reader, and i especially don't want to be a massage therapist... i want funner but i need it to encompass what i do and know and, and, and

here are some of my ideas:

treasure hunter

explorer of the universe

faery doctor (which i am actually trained in)

miracle finder

celebrator of you


excavator of yuck and stuck

archeologist of soul


ring leader

personal tour guide to self

explorer of chaos and cosmos

owner of chaos and cosmos (which is true as they are my cats)

destroyer of dissatisfaction

fire starter

nothing is sticking, none of these are quiet right so i am putting it out there so it can percolate and grow roots and my title can find me and i can dance with it. barefoot phoenix is staying and expanding in its own beautiful way. it's my business cards and my introduction to my work that needs a spark, a catch, a what did you just say?

my inspirations are: havi who is a pirate queen and Eileen who is a soul detective

don't you just want to go look? it fucking rocks! you're a soul detective and you look at dreams? whoa! your a pirate queen and your meetings are called drunk pirate councils! yes please!