reiki, shamanism, and tarot oh my!

i want to tell you a story about reiki energy. rei (universal life) ki (energy) is all around, readily available and overly abundant. if you are a quantum physics nerd like myself you can think of reiki energy as the space between all the things in the universe (dark matter/energy)-which if you are a true nerd like me you will understand is a huge and vast amount of space. very, very misunderstood and confusing space containing vast amounts of energy and tons of interesting bits of information that we can't yet see.

when you study reiki you get attuned to the frequency of this energy, in reiki it is called universal life force energy. once attuned to the energy you can access it and start to focus it towards raising the vibration or harmony of a person, place, object, etc. think of it like the concert master at the start of the orchestra playing one note to tune the whole, each individual has tuned but now the whole orchestra needs to be in concert together to form harmony. reiki is calling for the attention (concert master/dark matter) to synchronize the individual back to the whole (orchestra/your life) and create wonderful noise together (play the symphony in tune/get back into flow). In reiki teachers often use the example of suddenly being able to access fm stations on your radio. these waves of stations are floating in the air but until you hook up a radio to capture and play the songs they are just invisible waves floating around us not doing much.

after 16 years of playing with reiki, forgetting about reiki, playing with magic and ritual, running away from magic and ritual i finally feel like it's time. i'm ready to stop hiding. i'm ready to connect others and their energy, projects, dreams and more to this energy and i'm ready to see what other stations and frequencies i will discover as i dive into this world.


i want to do an experiment. partially because i want to learn about how being a reiki master, a tarot reader, a shaman, a caterer and a reflexologist turns into the symphony of me. i also want to do this experiment because we are living in energetically hard times, where people are scared, human rights are possibly moving backwards, hunger is still a planetary issue and the earth is becoming toxic to humanity. i believe accessing, utilizing and doing more reiki, shamanism, meditation, and my own expression of magic can help.

i am doing this primarily as a giant act of self healing and love.

however in doing giant acts of self healing and love you often find you start attracting others who want to play, need some healing and or are doing hugely creative things and needs some additional focus and energy sent towards them or their project.

if you are interested please pop over here and take a gander at how i can help.

for now i leave you with this thought: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke. while we may not think of reiki or shamanism or tarot reading as technology-well i'd ask why not? they are tools to access insight, information and create change-therefore are they are not much different from what ever device you are reading this on?