Third Thursday Dinner: August 2018

Third Thursday Dinner: August 2018

BLUEBERRIES the featured ingredient of the month.

Back story of Third Thursday, these events started as I was in the blue berry field of my husbands Aunty and I was contemplating what it would be like to creates, plan and serve a 5 course meal with blueberries in every course. I’m not sure I’d ever had a savory blueberry dish and wanted to see whats out there.

This lead me to contemplate a reason to gather folks and explore the magical heal properties of food. And it indulged that part of me that loves to research and caretake and play.

I had also been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and instead of worrying about what was to come I took the opportunity to stop delaying hosting dinner parties and actually start hosting dinner parties.


blueberry smash (vodka), blueberry ginger ale 
goat cheese with blueberry lime sauce, blueberry hummus
salad dressed with blues and almonds
chicken or tofu with blueberry bbq sauce and blueberry corn wild rice
blueberry and friends trifle and bb lemon pound cake blueberry chai