Third Thursday Dinner: December 2018

Solstice is here and I am feeling super festive and ready to take on the world. My surgery scars are starting to heal and I am just starting radiation so it hadn’t yet had a chance to kick my ass.

There is no theme except celebrating the eventual return of the sun. No singular magic ingredient but I’m drawing inspiration from Celtic solstice celebrations so honey, seeds, dried fruits, and things foraged. 

The art barn was too cold for dinner, I’m working on insulation and such, so we ate inside and then moved outside to burn celebrate with a fire as it remarkably was a mostly rain free evening. Stuffed and sedated I asked guests to write down lists of things you are wanting to purge from this year and things you are wanting to bring in. We will create a little magic and release our desires to the fire and wind.

on the menu for the feast was:

melty cheese volcanos with roasted veg (mainly potato for dipping in said cheese

salmon wreath

vegan short crust pie

salad things

pear chocolate cake

edible chocolate pinecones

wild berry Barmbrack (which is my new favorite thing ever)