Third Thursday Dinner: July 2019

Well I sort of did it? I mean I the theme of the month was BERRIES and somehow I managed to make less than 25 things.

This month was a more of a falling back in love with these dinner parties.

I’ve been contemplating getting to the end of the year and then having them go bye bye or change in some dramatic fashion. After reducing my work and spending load I am more at ease with and wanting to try and figure out how to make these even better.

Potentially incorporating aspects of ritual or learning or sharing into them so they have a PURPOSE besides just gathering and socializing. Like a way we can leave each gathering more ourselves, more relaxed and more invigorated to take on what next in our lives or the world.

I’ll be dreaming on this. It will also help to have the art barn in tip top shape and able to contain and hold the space for transformation.

I also have zero photos from this event because a random summer rain storm decided to bless us and I forgot to take photos. I think there are some on other peoples cameras I will try and find. But here’s Fuij one of our foster kittens helping me wash berries.

I chose berries as the theme because here in the Pacific NorthWest we are blessed this time of year with an endless variety of delicious berries. At the party we have red and golden raspberries, blue berries, currants, strawberries, blackberries and maybe one more?

Berries are super high in antioxidants and vitamin C plus other amazing benefits like helping regulate insulin and lower cholesterol, they are super high in fiber and well honestly they are just perfectly magical.