Third Thursday Dinner: Solstice 2019

Foods filled with and inspired by summer! There was berries, there was flowers, there was fresh things and it was all delicious and amazing!

fresh fruits

goat cheese with pressed flowers and herbs

cucumber salmon wraps

salmon tea sandwiches

cream and jam pots

flower pot salad

fresh pea and ricotta wontons

caprese salad

watermelon with balsamic

squid ink pasta with olive oil and fresh herbs

there may have been more… i’m not sure anymore.

This is the one that finally got me to reevaluate these third Thursday dinners. It’s too much work! but then I looked at the groaning table barely able to stand with the load of food and I realized my goal for the coming months was to simplify. 5 recipes and one drink, that was all I was allowed to make.

Let’s see how I can do. I can research to my hearts content but I am only allowed one appetizer, one pre course, a main and a side and one dessert. We all know this is going to fail spectacularly right.