Third Thursday Dinner: August 2019

Third Thursday Dinner: August 2019

We made it a whole year! And we only missed one moth for operations and one moth for crazy travel. I find this incredible, especially considering i was dealing with cancer treatments and the after effects for a good solid 9 months out of this year. But I think these parties gave me focus and something to dream about and small but simple ways I could take back control in a treatment protocol where I sometimes felt I had zero control.

This month I chose ice cream as my theme. This was partially inspired by a recent adventure to an ice cream shop in Vancouver BC where instead of making a decision on ice cream flavor I instead got a sampler of 4 flavors. It was fabulous, not too much of any one flavor and no disappointment that I got a flavor I didn’t care too much for.

Also August is the perfect time of year to eat an entire meal of ice cream.

I chose flavors and flavor combinations that are slightly strange and that you wouldn’t normally try and also flavors that suggest you are eating real food.

I froze cucumber sorbet in a shot glass ice cube mold and filled it with cucumber, watermelon and feta salad.

then sweet potato ice cream with beet chips

cornbread ice cream sandwiches with a layer each of corn and vanilla ice cream

bacon as the cookie sriracha ice cream sandwiches

avocado chocolate with berries and waffle cookie

and finally berry ices and figs

in all it was a delight and we were surprisingly full. the hits of the evening were cucumber sorbet salad and the sriracha ice cream