faeries on fridays #10

Trees have magical properties. But anyone who was ever a child probably knows and at times remembers this.

Lately the trees have been asking for a say in this crazy experiment of faery whispers. Because faeries aren't the only things which long to whisper into the ears of people who will listen...

...Part of a trees strength is contained within it's ability to always be in constant motion. If you look and feel closely always are teeny tiny adjustment.

There are a few mental images I have been playing with over the past few years and I want to share them with you.

Think of a windstorm. Big winds, rain, blustery gusts, yuck. Think of the tree in this windstorm.

Now there are two ways we can look at this one is that the tree is being harassed, bombarded, tormented by the windstorm.

The other is that the tree is swept up in a frenzied passion, being caressed and cleared and those branches being ripped off are much like clothes being discarded.

It's a dance, or it's a war zone. Surrender or fight. Be flexible or rigid.

It is all the same and yet very, very different experience... (more)


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