can you receive... this is a test

Do you need to run away from your life?
Are feelings of stress or confusion ruling your day?

Find calm. Reground and center yourself. And connect with someone you love to hang out with.

When you bring... your mother, friend, auntie, niece, partner or anyone you love to a reflexology or tarot session get an hour free. **

Please receive the gift of nurturing,
and with my gratitude, forward this on to everyone you desire to nurture.

Why am I doing this? Because my clients and their friends and families deserve to be honored for the extraordinary lives they are living. And to remind us all, that by opening our hearts and taking care of others we take care of ourselves.

Remember, Mother's Day is coming up. This is a wonderful way to honor yourself and treat your mother, friend, sister or partner. Even if you cannot take advantage of this, please help me nurture others. When you send this out, you may be earning referral credits towards more time with me.*

Between April 25 and May 10th
Bring a friend and receive:

Two- 60 minute tarot readings for $100
Two- 60 minute reflexology sessions for $75
Two- 90 minute Afternoon with your Soul sessions for $225

You will leave feeling relaxed, clearer, calmer and more able to deal creatively with the challenges of daily life. Plus you will have spent at least 2 hours laughing, playing, and relaxing with friends.
Remember you deserve to be nurtured and by taking good care of self you can better care for others.

**Promotion of bring a friend and get one free runs from Saturday April 25th-Sunday May 10th. There are only so many people I can squeeze into two weeks so book your session soon!

*refer 3 clients to me and get $50 credit towards your next session.