Enough Already!

i am tired of the financial crisis. it is taking up news time, creating panic in our population and lowering the vibrational energy of every living thing on this planet.

so over the next few weeks i am determined tot discover and explore the idea of enough.

when one has enough there is no need for more, there is no lack, and therefore no conflict, fear or pull.

the trick is to understand what enough is for you while i understand what enough is for me. we are all different so therefore we each get our own ideas and numbers.

if you want to manifest enough, you have to know what it is before it can arrive.

so that is my self imposed task. to learn what is my enough. then i can be in full responsibility of my life, and my choices and act with integrity, love and gratitude.

the problem with america's finances are it was never enough, someone always needed more. so i challenge you to take responsibility in the only way you can. find your idea of enough.

then purge the excess allowing what you really want to enter and transform your need into gratitude for its arrival.

Definition: Enough

Being what is needed without being in excess

An adequate quantity


  1. To a satisfactory amount or degree; sufficiently
  2. Very; fully; quite
  3. Tolerably; rather

blessings in this discovery. i feel in my heart it will be the best journey i have ever undertaken. it might also be one of the hardest as transformations and butting heads with belief structures can rip you open, chew you up and spit you out. but alas staying in this place isn't any better, in fact i think it might be way worse a slow sort of torture.