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These are the days...

Uncategorizedamyintention, life, love

of owning personal responsibility

of not letting fear overcome your ability to risk, love, do, create and breathe

of showing gratitude for what you have, where you have come from, and where you plan to go

of dreaming the big dreams

of loving just a little bit more

and crying just a little bit louder

and praying
for yourself, your family, the world, our government and our nation

of asking for impossible things
like world peace, and justice, and a break for the underdog, more love, less war, more community, less hate, food for all, water for all, saving the planet, and saving ourselves

these are the days to breathe in, and get up, and take one more step... even though you are so very tired and it seems so utterly impossible and it looks so utterly improbable

all change starts within and ripples out into this world

have gratitude for those that make waves

have gratitude to be here and be alive so that you can choose differently starting right now