my daily practice

what i am learning about life right now is that it is all about intention.

i had an amazing chat and lunch with my friend "the queen of the fairies" all about soul, and purpose. that we are meant to awaken. to realize our magnificence and to create what we desire.

and i realized it really is that simple. you just have to opt out of playing the game everyone else on this planet seems to be playing. then you will find others who are also observing and together you can go off and create magic.

now let me tell you that i have had this realization no less than 10 times in my very short life. and things flow really well for a month or so and then i get sucked back in by trying to pay bills and get things done. but every time i remember i take a little bit more with me when i return to the chaos, confusion and heartache.

"inherent in every intention is the mechanics for its fulfillment" deepak chopra

don't worry about how you are going to get there, trust the universe to do its job to provide for those who dare to risk and hold the intention. it is a daily task, you must constantly intent that you are already there. worry attracts all the things you worry about and then you doubt because the universe has brought you all this struggle when really it was you asking to be alone, live in fear, or not be able to pay the bills because that was the strongest thing you were broadcasting.

i intend to perfect this and be able to hold my vision and allow worry to just slide right off me.