New Moon

It's the new moon and I'm not sleeping... which considering the amount of chatter going on in my brain is not surprising. So here is a fun game a wonderful friend passed on, all about manifesting on the new moon.

Pick 5 seeds you want to plant for this coming month, mine are:
* create works of art
* listen to my guides more often
* move my body
* connect with people in meaningful ways
* have a really good belly aching laugh

Then as a mantra use each of the above and create a new catch phrase and assign each of 5 words to a finger so you have a physical and verbal reminder of your seeds. Let's create miracles!

CLMCL (my letters, I picked L for laugh on the last one, you can re-arrange the letters to suit)

Creating Life Manifesting Copious Love

Now I have my daily reminder and can say this lovely phrase over and over and remember that every time I say it I am making a pledge that I will actively nurture these desires.

Aah the bliss of settling the mind through intention. I think I can sleep now!