Numerology time 2+0+0+8=10 take it down to 1+0=1

This is the year of 10 and 1.... I am so excited for so many reasons...

To start 10 is symbolic of the ending of a cycle while 1 is obviously the beginning. Why is that so exciting to me? Mainly because the more work I do on/in myself the more excited I become when I near the end of something. I love getting the death card in a tarot reading, not because I am morbid but simply because it means something big is about to change. Honestly I can think of nothing more positive happening on this Earth than a HUGE change. I'm ready for a new beginning, and I'm manifesting a positive and amazing new start, as opposed to focusing on all the problems in the world currently.

here's what Angeles Arrien has to say The Tarot Handbook: practical applications of ancient visual symbols
10 or the wheel of fortune. ..."universal principle of abundance, prosperity and expansion... we can turn our lives in a more fortunate direction by remaining objective, flexible, reaching for opportunity and expressing out creative power..."

And on the 1 magician... "universal principle of communication... communication that is balanced, healing and transformative. The magician utilizes the tools necessary and appropriate to effectively communicate (and get what he wants)..."

It gives me tingles to think about a year in which change is so prevalent and we are asked to communicate with impeccability. It also gives me hope for the upcoming elections.

Words shape our reality and we are being given amazing metaphysical tools this year, I hope we can all rise up to the challenge and transform the world one kind word at a time. Remember everything you say shapes something, make sure you are planting more seeds of joy and abundance then weeds and entanglements.

There is more that delights me but I must go get ready for a client and plant some positive seeds for healing and new beginnings!