the times they are a changing


This summer has been one of intense self discovery and complete breakdown of my personal and professional life into what really matters. In June I re-entered weekly therapy with the express goal of figuring out why my career was blocked, and my schedule empty. I'm going to take a few bragging rights and state that I am an amazing therapist, especially in reflexology. I have a very loyal set of clients. My issue is that they are a small group and I have helped them all so effectively that they don't need to come in as much. GREAT! Unfortunately it means less income. So I have been confused and disheartened lately as to why there's no new showing up, and why I am have been floundering in this career for a good while.

Through much trial, struggle, and a willingness to look at myself and my practice with a microscope I have found a lot blocking. With guidance, I have spent a lot of time contemplating what's important to me and what I am willing and able to sustain for an extended period of time.

To make a long story short, there will soon be some big changes occurring in my practice. My website is about to be redone to reflect the new directions I am going and the new practices I am about to introduce. I am very excited about these changes and I look forward to renewal and vitality in my career.

The best thing I found in this summer of self exploration is a profound sense of gratitude. I am so thankful for my life, for the people in my life and for the support and help, physical and non-physical, that has marked this transition. I look forward to integrating this gratitude into my practice and hopefully passing it on to my clients. There is so much to be thankful for on a daily basis, if only we take a few moments to stop and see it.