once upon a time...

there was a woman who HATED to ask for help. Then one day she had an epiphany, if she couldn't ask then no one was free to ask for her help. This confused and saddened her because she truly enjoyed helping other people. (this also applies to always saying "yes", if you can't say "no" once in a while then you really aren't free to say "YES")

She started small, asking for little things progressing on and on until one day she sent out a plea to all her clients and even out over the Internet in her blog (which she's not sure anyone reads) Now anyone could view her need. This made her feel oddly insecure and relieved all at the same time.

Maybe no one would respond. Maybe the sophisticated spam filters would gobble up all her emails. At this point it didn't really matter. She had done it, she had asked for help with something BIG. Her career. She had essentially admitted that she was struggling. Struggling with confidence, paying the bills, and finding people willing to pay her to help heal them.

At this point she had a minor breakdown and wrote a whole story on her blog in the third person.

But it didn't matter because the fear that used to clutch around her ribcage at the thought of asking for help, or needing anything, loosened a bit tonight and well she (I) need to celebrate that! Thank you for playing along.

And she lived happily for a few moments and then life continued with it's usual ups and downs.

The End