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please remember to breathe

Uncategorizedamyintention, vote

i had a email from my dearest friend in new zealand today which made me have a wee bit of depression. she is thinking of moving flat but is worried about things, one of them being the idea of a certain white man as president who then croaks and what do we have left.

it made me do some research on her. and then it made me depressed. and then it made me realize part of the problem is as a nation we seem to be holding our collective breath.

lots of us are feeling compelled to act but have no idea what to act on. everyone is committed but doesn't want to commit and the east coast gets battered by storms and the west coast gets little earthquakes and holy shit.

i think the best think i can do right now it to remind people to breath. inhale and exhale. it will do us no good to arrive at november 4th blue in the face and so forgetful from asphyxiation we forgot to vote.

and stop waiting for it to come. visualize the ideal outcome, whatever yours is... and breathe into it. give it energy and light and love and it will help it come to manifestation.

you must be breathing, especially as we are about to enter a period of mercury in retrograde. if you aren't getting enough oxygen in those three weeks they are going to be some miserable days to suffer through.

in light and love i pray we are ready to embrace our potential as a community and a country.