Reflexology Awareness Week!


feetThis week I am offering up some deals on multiple sessions of reflexology. 2 sessions for $125 5 sessions for $325

Why book more than one session? Here are some of the benefits of reflexology: stress reduction, revitalizes energy, enhances circulation helping to lower blood pressure, helps body release toxins stored, stimulates creativity and productivity.

Hopefully the benefits speak for themselves as to why you'd want to come back, for more, and more and more.

How often should I get Reflexology? Ideally you would get reflexology every week to every other week as most peoples lives tend to be very stressful. Since time and finances might not be available for that frequency I recommend getting a session every 4 to 6 weeks. This gives your body a chance to recoup from stress, start rebuilding any damage that has occurred and rest deeply.

Does this really work? Well that depends... if you are highly skeptical about the ability of having your back healed by working on your foot, then you are most likely not going to have a very dramatic healing experience.

I like to believe in magic but I have to admit that when something "works" and is suddenly different after a session I am always impressed. So, as with all alternative medicines, Reflexology take a bit of faith, however there is tons of research if you want it.

I believe Reflexology's biggest strength is it's ability to allow deep relaxation, which puts the body is a position to heal itself. Your body knows exactly what is off and if you just give it the proper space, relaxation and fuel it will carry you far. I'd say that's worth $75 bucks a month.

If you could only name one benefit to coming more often, what would it be? Allowing the body the time and space to relax. Accessing this state through Reflexology will help you achieve it faster at home in meditation, when sleeping, and in stressful situations. So in a sense Reflexology trains you to be able to access deep states of calm more easily. Pretty soon you won't need Reflexology anymore, you'll just want it cause it feels so good.

The pictures in this entry are from Reflexology paths in Seattle area, here is more information: If you can't afford Reflexology give it to yourself before the rains and cold set in!

New Path in Kirkland! 13159 132ndAvenue in Kirkland, 98034.

Marymoor Park Path 6046 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE Redmond

White Center Park Path 1321 SW 102nd St Seattle

Bastyr University Path open to the public, located at the edge of the herb garden 4500 Juanita Drive N.E. Kenmore

blessings from amy