the reflexology 12 step

Stress Reduction: Reflexology calms and balances the body, sooths the nervous system, and puts you in a state of bliss.

Immune Support: Reflexology works from the inside out and focuses on returning your body to perfect health.

Detoxification: Toxins get stored in the feet due to gravity. Receiving foot reflexology improves circulation and moves accumulated toxins out of your body.

Better Foot Function=Energy: Reflexology improves flexibility, decreases foot pain, and helps align bones put out of place by shoes and sports. This increases your energy levels by allowing you to walk better, getting natural reflexology with each step.

Whole Body: Reflexology is based on the belief that the whole body is mirrored in the feet, hands and ears. By working these areas you can provide pain relief or address any dis-ease or discomforts you may be experiencing anywhere in the body.

Better Sleep: Reflexology balances the mind and body, helps hormonal and endocrine imbalances and sooths the mind allowing all cares to fall away. One hour of sleep on the reflexology table is equal to 8 hours as your body immediately descends to delta brain wave activity.

Improved creativity/ productivity: Reflexology puts you into a deep meditative state, the place where ideas are generated and problems solved. Serendipitous moments happen on the reflexology table and after.

Grounding: Taking your feet out of their shoes can help to ground you to the present moment making you more aware and thankful of all the small wonderful things that happen daily. Plus it literally connects you to the ground and closer to the energy of the Earth.

Shoes Kill: Your feet do you numerous services daily and their reward is often shoes that disfigure them and make them hurt. Support naked feet and celebrate wiggly toes with a session of reflexology.

It feels great: You deserve to feel great because you are great. Reflexology helps you remember to take a little space and time all for you, and what a bonus that you walk out in a state of bliss!

Earth-Friendly: By doing good things to improve your health you will most likely start doing better things to help the planet(like get more reflexology!). Plus! All lotions and oils used in session are organic and on the first Tuesday of the month Amy donates all profits to the Nature Conservatory.

healthy feet=healthy spine=healthy life: If the feet are balanced, healthy and functioning properly, then the spine is allowed it's full range of motion. If these two things are flowing your whole life is full of ease. Why?Because the bones and muscles are working right, which moves lymphatic fluid and blood around, which carries vital nutrients and oxygen to your cells and carries wastes away to be eliminated. Plus the nervous system can communicate more efficiently which all adds up to a better life full of energy, creativity and joy.