the curse of flip flops

I feel the need to make a public service announcement stating the reflexive and body ills that wearing flip flops cause. I want to add that these things don't occur in all people who were itty bitty shoe-like things, but I feel the need to discuss. So since it is my blog you have to listen to me, or skip this entry and move on :D

Remember the stages of walking? Heel strike, weight flow and toe off. Can you guess which ones don't happen with flip flops, itty bitty sandals and other strappy things that barely exist?

If you guessed all of them you'd be correct. Most people don't do a heel strike because there's no padding, the shoe might come off and the toe piece might become dislodged leading to tripping. The flow of weight doesn't happen because you never started a proper step, and you are most likely shuffling keeping weight solely on the ball of the foot, scraping your way through the day. (It makes a good noise though) And of coarse you wouldn't toe off at the end of the step because Hello? shoe would go flying and then... and well then you'd just look dumb.

Now you can get around some of this by gripping your toes. That way you could do the stages of walking, but then you'd eventually end up with lovely foot pathologies like claw or hammer toes, a tight tibialis anterior, and cramps in the arches of your feet.

Reflexively the ills of this types of shoe include: lung issues, lungs also include grief issues in Chinese medicine, sinus congestion, headaches, reduced endocrine function, (pituitary, thyroid, hypothalamus, pineal) digestion woes like constipation or irritable bowl, breast health, spine issues (especially thoracic and cervical spine). And that's just the major reflexive effects.

Emotionally it could lead to dragging, feelings of depression, tiredness, heaviness, inability to cope, inability to be happy, and many many more. Why? One because of the reflexes you are effecting and two because of the posture you are forced to take when utilizing these types of shoes.

So wear your cute slip on strappy sandals to get from point A to point B and do not use them as a everyday practical shoe, because ladies (and gents) they aren't any better for your health than a 6 inch heel.

As a bodyworker there are two times a year I have an influx of foot pain clients and they are when the seasons change to sun and back to rain. Why because people have just changed their shoes. So if you have complains about foot pain, leg pain or increased back pain with no injury or change in activity of your clients. Ask if they've change the shoes they wear most often. If the answer is yes, start an education process and get them hooked up with info in this blog or other places so they can wear sexy cute shoes (in moderation) but maintain healthy strong feet (permanently)