There is so much interesting research I have been reading lately about how the brain works... Someday I will put it all down in here but for today we will focus on brainwaves.

In a recent post and promotion I put out that Reflexology effects your brainwave activity, helping you to relax deeper and heal faster. Here is what happens at each of the 4 levels.

Beta: Fastest and shortest of the brainwaves and is our normal everyday waking state. Unfortunately for us these brain waves are not very useful for deep learning, comprehension or imprinting. Gamma waves are sometimes included in this category. According to some research gamma waves are emitted when we are making new neural connections or pathways. Tibetan meditators emit a flood of gamma waves.

Alpha: Slower and longer waves alpha waves are associated with relaxation, deep learning, focus, light trances, serotonin increases, presleep or prewaking drowsiness, intuitive factors, meditation and access to the unconscious mind and the quantum field. Magic starts here.

(it is very easy to access alpha patterns in a reflexology session)

Theta: Associated with dreaming sleep (REM), increased creativity, ability to tap into universal intelligence, changes in behavior, integrative emotional experiences, increased retention of learning material and the production of catecholamines (vital for learning and memory). This is the level where things get interesting access to intuition and the quantum field are highly available here.

This is the session where the problem that has been nagging you get solved because as you allow yourself to drift into this space the solution will often "pop" in waking you up with your "AH HA" moment.

Delta: These are slow, very long brainwaves associated with dreamless sleep, the release of human growth hormone and deep, deep healing. People who meditate a lot can access delta brainwaves in the awakened state. Those are some amazing mellow people.

People with training in meditation can access delta brainwaves pretty easily in a reflexology session. Others can definitely get there after a few sessions.

So there is your science lesson for the day. The advantages of moving yourself out of short fast brainwaves is that you are calmer, more focused, and able to retain information.

Meditation daily even for 5-10 minutes will dramatically change your perspective and your ability to tackle any situation.