reflexology and cancer

there are tons of studies going on about reflexology and how it helps those undergoing cancer treatments. one of my dearest friends and clients is having a mastectomy today and i felt the need to share a few thoughts on my reflexology is so helpful when dealing with cancer.

these are my thoughts and experiences only as reported by other clients during and post treatments for various forms of cancer, please do not take these thoughts as evidence.

Post Cancer and surgery clients are best served by reflexology because :

  • Assists in Detox. Removal of harsh chemo drugs from system, these drugs settle in tissues and digestive system and can eventually lead to complications.
  • Nurturing pain free touch. This gets clients back in their body after traumatic life experiences and months of feeling like crap. Assists in clients well-being and relief of nausea, pain, stress and surgical trauma. Re-integration to their body.
  • Assists in circulation and lymph drainage. Reflexology allows the body to relax which opens the circulatory system allowing fluids to flow, pick up and distribute waste and nutrition to cells and facilitates increase health through potential stimulation of white blood cell creation.
  • Body and Self love. reflexology allows time for deep healing relaxation, this stimulates the expression of deep emotions that have been pushed aside. Allowing fear, grief and pain to surface and leave the body opens the client to deep self love, calm and a sense of connection to all--allowing profound healing and shortened recovery time.

may we find a way to alter the harsh experiences cancer makes us experience. may we find a kinder, gentler healing process.