Times they are a changing


This post is long overdue. Alas it is here at the most perfect of times, as with everything.

As a nation (and a planet) we are undergoing a huge shift in the way of things. I believe we have come upon the Tower Card. This is the card tarot readers sometimes dread because they must look their clients in the eye and tell the the hard truth. Your world is about to fall down all around you, there is nothing you can do about it, it is a necessary process and it's gonna knock you on your ass.

I personally adore the Tower card. I love it when it comes up in a reading with clients and I love that our society has just been knocked on it's collective ass. The structures that were built around greed, power, and money are destructive to our families, our planet and obviously to our nation. I am thankful they are crumbling and being destroyed. They serve no one but a few who already have enough. Let's rip them down to their foundations and build them anew in ways that help everyone, and the planet, to thrive.

Change is an inevitable part of life. The only thing constant is change. If we cannot accept and embrace this we will not thrive: individually or collectively.

The tower card speaks of destruction, abrupt change, cataclysmic awakening, tearing down to the roots or foundations and a forceful redirection of beliefs. It speaks to us of looking closely at the foundations we have put into place. If we build upon non solid ground or shore our foundations up with sand we can be sure that change will never feel comfortable and that we will be effected more detrimentally than those who took the time and energy to build on high ground.

For many the economic down turn has cause heart-ache and panic. If you can get past this turmoil you have an amazing opportunity to figure out what actually matters and to rebuild or shore up your foundations with information, strength and love.

No one can upset a foundation that is grounded in purpose, passion and love.

My challenge to you is this:
What actually matters to you? If everything was striped away what would actually matter?
What can no one take away from you?
Can you see the opportunities all around you and start rebuilding?
Are you prepared to act? To change everything? To thrive?
Can you look past the fear and propaganda and find what makes you come alive?
Is it time to walk away from the "normal" way of doing things and take your destiny into your own hands?

Let's start manifesting a society that can bend and be flexible in times of chaos, that can weather storms and shelter it's inhabitants, that thrives in a way that makes everyone feel like a part of something greater, and that is sustainable so we may continue to exist.

We have an extraordinary opportunity here... let's make the most of it and dream really, really big.