tarotamylaughter, life

there is a thin line

tarotamylaughter, life

between play and strife.

today's tarot draw was the 5 of wands you can see in the image 5 men holding sticks in a circle.

this card shows a standoff. but are they at



there is a very fine line between the two and it is up to us to choose laughter in this situation.

who cares that you have just been insulted... the best thing you can do in a tense situation is laugh.

this is true in any tense situation.

endorphins will be released, muscular tensions will be released. even if no one else joins in, or they move to bash you with their stick--because you have discharged your anger/tension with laughter, you will be able to react swifter, with more clarity and confidence.

choose play... learn to laugh at yourself and situations more readily.

your life will be a lot more fun and you will be a much more pleasant person (with less bruises)