planting the seeds

I have been listening to this program on retraining my brain to accept in new belief structures.

Today I hit the jack pot of all information.

My job is to plant the seed of new belief, whatever that is: a new income level, a new car, anything.

My job is not to know or even understand the HOW. The universe will provide the how: the people, the insights, the ideas, the media spots, the for sale sign.

Now it's just this simple and it's not just this simple. I must act as if it already is, I must visualize it, find a picture, create a mental movie, feel the joy, I must to act, to as much of an extreme as is possible, as if it already is. Only then will you begin to override the systems in place in yourself that keep you in this current safe smaller place. Once things begin to be re-written-MAGIC- Things begin to show up, ideas you would never have acted on before you leap at, you meet people who are or know the people you need to help you, you spot the tiny ad for your car/home/partner and you act. You act, you act.

First you act as if, and then you on.

Here's to a life of change, abundance, and beauty!