the celtic holiday in which we honor the ancestors and keep the children locked up tight for fear they will be taken by the fey folk. where a person dons a mask so as not to be recognized as human or fey and can therefore move between the veils with grace and ease.

since the veils of communication between the spirit world, the middle or faery world and our world are thin it is a wonderful time to communicate.

for the next couple of days if you have problems which need solving or advice from someone not of this place put it out there in written and spoken for. ask for ideas or suggestion to come to you in a dream, meditation or oracle of some sort.

be sure to listen carefully to what people are saying as your answer might come through them, also in forms like a flier on the ground.

it is a beautiful time to thank your ancestors as well. light a candle and be filled with gratitude.

if you want to leave a treat milk, butter, buttermilk, hazelnuts are all nice offering for the fey.

blessed be