stop talking now


in my desperate attempts to launch myself into the social world i find myself today making comments on twitter. and all of a sudden i freeze. and wonder what teh f*ck have i just said. that was trite and stupid and then the self critical monsters begin again.

drawing the tarot card of the day explained it all...

it a knight of swords day.

the know-it-all pompous teen-aged dumb-ass who offers advice freely and without thought or concern.

you know the one who leaps in to conversations without knowing WTF you are all talking about and manages to make everyone wrong, or dumb, or roll their eyes and walk away.

damn. what a day to take a leap.

however it explains perfectly why i had the balls to leap in and respond... cause knight of swords is brash and rash and dones't care... until later... when he's wondering where everyone went.

i think i shall put on my grubbies and go dig in the garden.
there it is almost impossible to offend, mostly because the faeries that live in my garden are sassy and will have lots of "good" advice to throw right back at me.