there are monsters in my head

and they say mean things like:

  • why are you doing that that way [sotto voce] moron
  • so what if this week was a success look at next week [sotto voce] looser
  • yeah, well let me tell you... [insert criticism and the RIGHT way to do it]
  • so um when are you ever gonna get ahead? cause you've been like doing this for years. shouldn't you have figured it out yet?

so for all of my monsters i say I LOVE YOU! (only slightly forced but with real compassion and gratitude)
thank you for trying to keep me safe (and small and invisible.)

but really, you aren't helping anymore. so tell me what you need and let's make a deal. cause i want to make new friends and see new people and play more.

you can come to, but you have to learn some manners and start brushing your pointy teeths.