drip, drip, drip

it's almost kayak season.

chaos and i are sitting up contemplating water and i realized i have to plan my annual kayak adventure or it may not get in the calendar.

this was taken last year on our south sound adventure.

chaos and i are pondering water because for the last week out water filter has been leaking under the sink. of coarse no one carries parts for water filters so we had to send away for an O-ring.

which takes at least a week to get to you for some dumb-ass reason. i suggest you all go order your back up O-ring right now.

problem with ours is that our water filter is a god forsaken million and a half years old contraption. (i think rich cave men used this version.) so the O-ring that finally came today. not fitting just right. a wee bit small. and therefore the drip drip dripping continues.

so the water stays off for the most part, which is fine but utterly annoying. and i find myself contemplating why anyone thought it was a good idea to bring water into the house. because when it works, it's a joy but when it has crapped out it's a bloody mess. (literally)

am deciding whether to live as is or find a person to install a new one, cause as handy as i am i ain't got no torch.

oh and the kicker to all this. it happens to be in the wealth corner of the house which makes me not want to leave it as is. i think the kitchen facet may have something to do with this whole mess, because we have been putting off installing a new one (it also leaks but only when it's on). my oh my! it is very hard not to just drop $400 and fix it all. alas choices must be made wisely, so will make a decision when not late at night. preferably when 7 new clients have booked so have the $ to pay for it all.