pictures of discovery bay

thought i would finally get a couple of pics up here to share...

this was my favorite little cove. i used to walk out to it almost every day. the sand is smooth there and once in a while a moon snail shell would wash up for me to find.

i have a confession to make.

for most of this trip i had no camera. i am so forgetful when it comes to those simple things. i will have clothes, pots and pans, tea and other non-essentials but somehow i always forget something to document my life with.

this second pic was a typical view from our front porch. only for the first 3 weeks of our month, there would often be a new dusting of snow on those hills. and a bit less sun, except in the early evenings.

a beautiful place. i miss the seagull sentry that would walk up and down the dock every morning, and the kingfishers hovering and diving.

everything seems simpler when you have large expanses of sand to explore.