discovery bay

this month away seems to be defined solely around water.

we live by the water.

the water falls from the sky.

the water forms big fluffy clouds that block out the sun.

i can't get enough to drink and the electric heat does not help.

i keep having to cross water to return to my real life and see people.

i use hot showers to get warm in the morning and sometimes before i crawl into bed.

the snow covers the hills around us at least once a week.

this area and this bay in particular seem very much like the scottish highlands and instead of a large body of salt water we are besides a giant lake.

we are still awaiting the whales to arrive.

i used to read descriptions about enlightenment and connection to the universe being about stillness and silence. spending a month time out here has shown me that those may be the path to get to enlightenment but God and connection is all about noise and movement. the tides never cease, the wind blows, the rocks tumble in the waves, the birds delight in treasures and each other. nothing is still or silent, but sometimes you must become still and silent in order to realize this.

more will come in time.