nearing the end...

of my writing retreat. i have started to look back over all i have done. i am not sure i accomplished much in the "real world" but i cannot help but think i have done amazing things in my physical and emotional body.

i have been dreaming vivid, huge, impactful dreams. i cannot remember most of them upon awakening but i somehow feel different. like my entire body is somehow regrowing, regenerating and transforming into something much more able to live in a constant state of love, peace and flexibility.

kayaking yesterday i had a blissful experience of pushing my body too hard and relaxing it completely into the boat and the water and the world around me. i have never been able to easily do this. i have great fears come up when thinking of myself in this tiny boat sitting a top a vast deep body of cold salt water. i have great respect for the water and i know at any moment it can snap my life clean away. but yesterday my goal was not how to fastest get back to land but how to experience my body, in this boat, the wind, the waves the creatures and the deep teal and ever changing rich blue shades of water and land.

this is the dance i am striving to bring back as i prepare to re-enter the normal daily life. the beauty of the dance, the surrender to trust, the ability to look around and take it all in. to love, to see, to play, to push, and surrender.

see you on the flip side.