life on the edge

i am currently at the beginning of a writing sabbatical. for several years i have felt there were words stuck within me that need to be put into book form. i have no idea if this will be any good, if the book will ever be for sale or if i will even write 5 words. the point of this is that i leaped. i rented a house with a friend in port townsend and this has been one of the greatest YES moments in my life.

so many of us stay still. we debate, we ponder, we dream but we never act. i don't really have the money to be renting a house on the beach, nor do i have any vacation time to supplement my income. so this adventure is not without it's risks.

but that's the point.

i am 34 years old, i have maybe a good 60 years left on this planet. i can't afford to keep questioning and neither can you.

sometimes life desires us to act impulsive and irrational. you can always find another way to make money, another person to be in relationship with, another place to live.

you cannot get another life, nor can you live in relationship with yourself if you keep denying who you are and what you crave.

so here's to the brave people of this world. those who risk. who take radical and seemingly insensible decisions that may or may not pay off. here's to the dreamers who act on their dreams and the believers who just know eventually everything is gonna be alright, even if it's 30 years from now. and here's to all of those people who told themselves NO, and had other people tell them they were insane... when you say YES anyways, you are paving the way for countless generations to believe in themselves, to trust their instincts and intuition, and to always follow love.

and here's to me: you get a gold star cause even though you told yourself NO you did it anyways.

miracles arrive to those who look for them, seek them and act on them.