what i do, YESamyabundance

why YES it is 3 am

what i do, YESamyabundance

and i have just decided to give myself a raise.money owning a business is very difficult that way. you want your customers to continue to come and be able to afford you... but really when paying the bills becomes difficult you aren't helping anyone. besides people come to me to relax, not pick up on my stress.

plus this pay increase will inspire a higher caliber of work. i admit i have become lazy. this will motivate me to re-connect and re-vitalize my sessions making them totally worth the small rate increase.

plus i have not had a raise since i started my own business 5 years ago, it is high time.

Reflexology and massage go up to $80 hour/$110 for 90 minutes. Everything else stays the same, so not an all around hike in prices. An Afternoon with your Soul is now steal at $155 :D

p.s. if you don't yet want to pay my new higher rates then you should pay cash. i'm not upping the fee on cash transactions until march 1, 2010... just thought you ought to know.

in exciting news, which is what prompted the pay raise. Helle is looking at a house tomorrow for rent- in Georgetown. it's the house we wanted last year but were too afraid to act upon, and the owner contacted us and we are seeing it in the morning. hence the lack of sleep due to excitement. i shall bring my new toy and video the space :D and hopefully i can figure out how to then load it here and share!