special offers, what i doamy

in case you were wondering

special offers, what i doamy

no we still do not have keys to the new space *grumble* yes i would really like to be in there painting *pouts*

no i am not finding patience and easy thing currently *stomps around a bit*

yes you can send over some please move the last remaining bit out cuz you don't even live here anymore and amy wants to make the house pretty energy. *lights candle*

now for some fun announcements!

Helle Happy (2)Hour(s) Begins Feb 2nd! Try our fun short services for not a whole lot of cash... plus relax into the space, drink a cup of wine (or tea) and enjoy a few nibble. see menu here at the bottom!

(we may also give you a paint brush the first week, ok not really)

my birthday is on saturday and i am trying to figure out how to make it special without investing very much money into it. i am having difficulties so any and all suggestions are encouraged in the comments!